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Led Lighting Maintenance, Remember: Blocking the Power Supply

Led lighting is a new type of lighting product. It is a large category of lighting. It uses led (LED) as the light source. Generally, there are living rooms, study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Due to their different functions, the required light sources are also different. Freely choose different lamps according to different room functions. Although led lights are good, nature will be bad over time. So, do you understand how to repair led lighting? It’s just that you don’t need to ask a professional master to fix it without asking the reason. You can almost check where the problem lies first. Let me learn the necessary skills for LED lighting repair with me!

LED lighting is a kind of lighting, it is a new type of lighting products with led (LED) as the light source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, physical health and long life, as well as practical and decorative features. Depending on the installation site, it can be divided into many types. Lighting is the eyes of the home. If there is no lamp in the family, it is like a person without eyes. A family without eyes can only live in evil, so the position of the lamp in the family is crucial. Ordinary energy-saving lamps have occupied the mainstream of the market, and the emerging LED lighting energy-saving lamps have attracted the attention of many businesses, but led lighting is not cheap enough to reach ordinary people’s homes.

Led lighting performance

  1. Energy saving: led is a cold light source, which relies on semiconductor flicker, ultra-low power (0.03 ~ 0.06 watts per tube), 150 ~ 200 lumens / watt, light source life is 10,000 hours, and light decay is 3% ~ 7%. Semiconductor lighting itself does not have any water pollution to the environment. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps, the power saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of fluorescent tubes.
  2. Health: led is a green light source. DC drive, no flicker; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no electromagnetic radiation water pollution, high color rendering and strong flicker directionality; good dimming performance, no visual error when color temperature changes; cold light source Low heat (less than 60 ┬░ C) for safe touch; these are not possible with incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It can not only provide a comfortable lighting space, but also can well meet the needs of people’s physiological and physical health market. It is a light source that protects eyesight and is environmentally friendly.
  3. The LED lamp is small in size, light in weight, and encapsulated in epoxy resin. It can withstand high-intensity mechanical shock and vibration. It is not easy to break. The average life span is 100,000 hours. Preventing the pain of frequent lamp changes

Lighting Features

1.The practicality of led lighting

It can ensure the use of indoor lighting, public health, eye protection, vision protection, light color without abnormal psychological or physiological reactions, stable lamps and flexible circuit safety switches. In a sense, the decorative nature of the lamp is also practical, otherwise, the decorative issue will not be discussed. For example, the use of lamps to decorate the room will make people relax when they like it. This kind of lighting effect reflects the practical value of decoration.

  1. Decorativeness of led lighting

The first is ornamental, the materials of the lamps are elegant, the shapes are simple, and the colors are more delicate and beautiful; the second is the coordination, the form of the lamp is carefully designed to coordinate with the room decoration, and the furniture furnishing facilities, and the shape of the lamps and the furniture are consistent , Can reflect the master’s mood; the third is the striking personality, light source color according to people must create a certain atmosphere, such as warm, steady, comfortable, quiet, peaceful and so on. The distinctive characteristics of the owner’s requirements for lighting reflect a different personality. On the premise of ensuring the use of light, it gives people a beautiful artistic enjoyment. This is the unified fusion of the practicality and decorativeness of lighting; it is clear that for each piece of lighting, there is a focus on lighting, a focus on decoration, and both. When you choose freely, you must integrate the characteristics of different people, take into account different uses and interior decoration requirements.

Lighting installation details

  1. Pay attention to the order of the external lines of various devices to prevent incorrect polarity. The device should not be placed too close to the heating element, and the operating conditions do not want to exceed its specified limits.
  2. Do not want to install the led in the case of deformed pins.
  3. When it is required to install in the hole, calculate the dimensions and tolerances of the face and the hole distance on the circuit board to avoid the bracket being subjected to excessive pressure.
  4. When installing led lighting, it is recommended to use a guide sleeve for positioning.
  5. When installing LED lighting, you must pay special attention to connecting the live and neutral wires.
  6. Since the LED lamp uses a low-voltage DC power supply, if it has a power supply, it can be installed directly. If it does not have a power supply, it must be connected to a power output port. Of course, general led lighting has its own power supply, so it is installed directly like ordinary lamps. In particular, it must be noted that because the led light tube has its own power supply, it is necessary to use the traditional starter and rectifier to use the led light tube. Removed, these two are useless.

Lighting repair

First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the failure of the LED lamp and the components that must be replaced, either the light source (i.e., the lamp bead) or the power drive.

According to the specific situation of the lamp not lighting, come to find the reason: it appears that several lamp beads are not bright, then you can replace the lamp beads; all the lamp beads are not bright, it is caused by the power channel resistance and voltage drop or linear constant current. It can only be driven by the power supply; the lamp bead blinks, and the replacement is only possible because the drive power supply is broken; if you find the reason, you can replace it.

The first step is to cut off the power! Cut off the power! Cut off the power! (The most important thing is to say three times)

The second step is to replace the power driver on the back of the LED light. This will directly remove the converter and directly replace the driver of the same model.

The third step is to replace the lamp beads, disassemble the lamp cover, pull out the lamp board inside, and replace it with a new one.

The fourth step, if the LED lamp is cracked or dropped out, you must first remove the lamp cover with the power cut off. If it is severely broken, you can go to the market and choose a new size suitable Replace the lampshade with the new one. As for the lampshade of the LED ceiling lamp, if used properly, the lifetime of the lamp is very long. The existence of the lampshade is equivalent to adding a protective layer to the wick. The lampshade can effectively block the humid air and avoid ultraviolet rays.

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