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How to Repair the Led Downlight?

  1. Prepare tools required for replacement and maintenance of led downlights. Common tools for replacement and maintenance of led downlights are: electric tape, a set of LED downlights of the same model, pliers, and a small hand saw if necessary.
  2. Turn off the power and buckle the lamp slowly. Pay attention to the spring clip on the lamp. After seeing it, hold down with your finger and take the lamp down. If you do not pay attention to the spring clip, you will be injured by the spring clip if you pull down the lamp head directly. , So be careful to dismantle the old bad led downlight.
  3. Then disconnect the connector first, replace the lamp head, the driver does not move, turn on the light switch. If the lamp is not lit, it can be determined that the driver is faulty, and replace the driver.
  4. At this time, it is best to turn off the light switch (for safety), then turn off the main power supply, and then pull the power supply of the driver away (you can also shorten it directly), then remove the bad driver and then power on the new driver The input section is peeled, and the two lamp ends are peeled.
  5. Let one of the driver power cords be wrapped around one of the lamp power cords (the lighting electricity is positive or negative), glue it with electrical tape, and the other one is connected with the same electrical tape.
  6. To be completed, the next power-on experiment, turn on the switch light will be on, if not, repeat the above steps but instead of replacing the driver but directly replace the led downlight!
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