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How to Install the Grille Light?

  1. Remove the grille reflector on the light panel. Be careful when removing the grille reflector. Do not scratch it. Place the light body on the reserved ceiling keel. Please pay attention to the four sides when placing it. Let the light be completely placed on the keel bar on all four sides to avoid the light falling. Note that when the light is heavy, please use the wire to hang the light on the ceiling. In short, be careful not to damage the light.
  2. Insert the power cord through the outlet hole and connect it correctly to the terminal block. Please pay attention to the live wire at the L mark, the zero wire at the N mark, and the ground wire at the ground mark.
  3. Correctly install the light source. When installing the light source, please note that the light source is stuck in the light holder slot. After hearing a crack, it indicates that the light source is in good contact with the light holder copper. Otherwise, even after the installation is completed, the light may appear. In the case of no light, this indicates that the light source is not in good contact with the copper sheet of the light cap.
  4. Tie one end of the sling of the grille reflector into the sling hole of the light body to facilitate subsequent replacement of the light source, and snap the grille reflector into the body of the light? Note that the shrapnel must be in good contact with the grille reflector to avoid the grille The reflector falls off.
  5. Turn on the switch, the light is on, and the installation is complete. If the light is not on, you need to perform step-by-step analysis and inspection according to the installation steps of the LED grille light. After you find the cause, you can handle it until the installation is successful.
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