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Future Development Trends of OSRAM LED Technology

LED stands for pioneering innovation and technological change. Powerful, flexible and easy to install these features support the innovation of LED lighting systems. These possibilities of LED turning on were unimaginable a few years ago. In the process of change, LED technology has put forward new requirements for the change of thinking mode of planners, installers and users. The decisive advantage of LED is benefiting users and industry.

The future development trend of LED is summarized as follows:

LED makes life better and more sustainable

Whether it is street lights or car lighting, home decoration or advertising, LED lights are universal and effective choices. Compared with other lighting technologies, the advantages of LED are more prominent. Long life, full color and excellent efficiency are just some of its many advantages.

Make home lights more convenient

Long use cycle, easy to switch and control, with trendy design in color or white, these features make LED more decorative and bright in household products. In the future, people will no longer need to buy separate lamps. Consumers need LED lamps that can be used in their homes for a long time. In addition, users also value LEDs for their novel designs and low-power performance. Thanks to its diverse design and excellent dynamic adaptability, LEDs also enhance the importance of a good lighting system for home decoration.

The dynamic adaptability of lamps promotes the improvement of quality of life

A large number of experiments and studies have proven that: in daily life, the needs for lighting scenes are different. However, white neutral lights with blue components are more conducive to concentration at work, and warm lights are more likely to create a happy atmosphere, such as inside a bar. The use of a lighting management system can effectively adjust the lighting to suit different needs. Whether in the office, shop or industry, LED lights can help improve the quality of life.

The life of LED lights can far exceed the standard of the public

In lighting technology, each kind of lamp corresponds to a standard. This is extremely important for the upgrade market, as the service life of the luminaires mostly exceeds that of the bulbs.

On the other hand, in the future, this standard will not be absolute for users of LED lights. The reasons are as follows: First, the service life of LED lamps is longer than that of ordinary lamps. Secondly, users will get the most benefit from the system and guarantee regulations of the lamp manufacturer OSRAM. Therefore, consumers have very good reasons to abandon the light sources that are commonly used and choose individual components of lighting.

However, for manufacturers, the continuation of the standard still makes sense, and the light engine standardization event organized by the Zhaga Alliance is an excellent proof. In the applications where the service life of the lamp is expected to exceed that of the LED lamp, or the energy saving purpose is achieved by upgrading the LED lamp, the standardization process is promoted as much as possible. It should be noted that this case is mainly applicable to outdoor lighting.

LED lights meet public demand

European Erp regulations ((ErP = energy-related products) gradually phased out some disadvantaged light sources. Therefore, after the inferior light sources were eliminated, high-pressure mercury lamps and sodium lamps were gradually eliminated. LED is an alternative to traditional An excellent choice of effective light source. Many large cities have begun to use LED light sources to decorate cities and road lighting. The changes brought by LED lights are gradually being supported and recognized by the government.

Summary: Future Technology Trend of LED Industry

LED is the future technology trend. The multiple advantages of LED lights can provide users with significant benefits. However, because of its complexity, LED technology also needs more communication to gain industry understanding and recognition to prove its advantages in existing technologies. The long life and attractive design make LED lights more unique. At the same time, it also enhances consumers’ desire to buy. LED lights create individual needs. And this is exactly what the world needs, both now and in the future.

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