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How to Choose Home Lighting?

Soft clothing can not only rely on various decorative objects, but also can be decorated with lights. However, everyone must pay attention to freely choosing lighting to prevent light pollution to their homes. Of course, home lighting must be freely selected according to various functional areas when it is freely selected, so as to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Then, let’s understand it below, and I look forward to helping everyone.

Living room

In the middle of the living room, there must be a lamp that requires light and has a strong decorative effect. Most people will choose a large chandelier freely, and a circle of down lights hidden in the ceiling will be installed around it. The large chandelier and the surrounding down light are best installed in groups. Use different switches. If the same switch is too bright, it is easier to stab the eyes after prolonged use. Of course, a floor lamp can also be placed in the sleeping area, of course, it must be consistent with the overall home style.


A chandelier with a simple design hanging above the table, accompanied by food and beauty, is not beautiful.


In addition to the main light in the bedroom, you can also install a pair of wall lamps above the bed, or put a table lamp on each of the nightstands on both sides to turn off the lights before going to bed.


The kitchen, this space is more special. If the office workers use it, the lighting design of the kitchen is usually more important only when the setting sun is down and the lanterns are first on. There is usually another row of cabinets above the operation table, which is convenient for storage, but also negatively affects the sight. You can install a small light belt above the operation table.

Children’s room

Children’s immunity is relatively weak, it is best to choose a lamp with a lampshade in the children’s room to avoid damage to the baby’s eyes.

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