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How to Choose Lighting for Different Ages?

In home furnishings, lighting is very important and needs to create a family atmosphere. However, the lighting choices freely chosen by each age group are also different. For example, the lights in the elderly room should be suitable for the elderly; the lights in the children’s room should be suitable for children. However, how to choose these lights freely? Let’s understand them in detail.

  1. Elderly-The elderly have a frugal and quiet life, and the colors and shapes of the lamps they use must set off their simple and elegant style. The main lamp can be combined with a palace lantern-shaped pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low-illumination light can be set on the bedside.
  2. Middle-aged people-Middle-aged people are the family leader and the pillars of their careers. They strive to keep the shapes and colors simple and smooth. The cloth lamp should reflect both the personality and the style of the subject, such as a spiral arm table lamp or a floor lamp to facilitate self-study work.
  3. Young people-young people should be eye-catching new, strange and special. The main light should highlight personality, innovative style and bright colors. The wall lamp requires love as the theme, and the light source requires warmth, and most love (especially girls
  4. Children-Children’s lighting is best to be unpredictable and surprising, to improve children’s imagination and help intellectual development. The shape and color of the lighting should not only reflect the child’s interest, but also help children grow up healthily. The main body of the lamp strives to be simple and smooth. A concise chandelier or ceiling lamp can be used. The work desk should be bright and the animal-shaped desk lamp can be used, but pay attention to ensure the illumination. Because children are curious and active, the lighting is absolutely safe and reliable .


  1. In order to avoid a car accident from happening again, there should be lights on the stairs from top to bottom, and there should be switches on both sides. Fixed ceiling or built-in lighting can provide the brightness needed for stairs.
  2. Install a lamp with a fixed base on the ceiling of the foyer. For safety reasons, fixed lighting equipment is installed in the corridor every 2-3m. In the living room with the ceiling slightly higher than 2.4m, the floor and the wall are dark, and a fairly large wattage of lighting is used.
  3. The final choice of lamp materials, the range of materials used to produce lamps is very common: iron, knee, bone, wood, glass, paper, crystal, copper, PVC, etc. The free choice of the shape, color and brightness of the lamps and lanterns needs to be the same as that of the room facilities. When choosing the materials freely, you should pay attention to harmonize with the entire decoration style within the scope of your economic conditions.
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