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How to Choose Lighting Scientifically and Show Different Room Expressions?

The decoration is almost over, my husband and I started to choose the lamps, but the store is full of cute lights. How can we choose the most scientific? Lighting is the most attractive flirt in the living room. It has different shapes and colors. , Material, size can create different light and shadow effects for different rooms, showing different room expressions. Today, is there a dazzling array of lamps on the market that are dazzling? In this regard, Zhao Zhihong, the general manager of  Lighting, suggests that consumers should pay attention to the following three aspects when purchasing lamps:

First of all, you should freely choose the style of the lamp according to the purpose of the lamp and personal preferences. For example, the living room lamp should particularly emphasize its lightness and decoration. Consumers can choose silver and white tones, double-opening and multi-opening ceiling lamps; bedrooms must particularly emphasize the roundness of the light, and consumers can freely choose the light that is yellow. Ceiling lamp or floor lamp; In addition, consumers can freely choose cheerful lighting such as craft lamps with strong national characteristics according to their own preferences.

Secondly, the color of the lamps and lanterns should be in harmony with the environment decoration style of the home. The layout of the room’s lighting must consider the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall surface, and the colors of the household appliances, otherwise the lighting and the overall color of the room are inconsistent, which will make it clumsy. For example, the color of the indoor wallpaper is light-colored, and a warm-colored incandescent lamp should be used as the light source, so as to create a bright and round light environment.

Finally, the size of the luminaire should be equipped with the indoor area, the size of the furniture and the corresponding size. For small living rooms under 12 square meters, ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of less than 200 mm should be used. The number and size of lamps should be suitable to avoid becoming overcrowded. In a living room of approximately 15 square meters, a ceiling lamp or multi-furnace chandelier with a diameter of approximately 300 mm should be used. The maximum diameter of the lamp should not exceed 400 mm. Place a spotlight or wall lamp on both sides of the mural for better effect.

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