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Is a Home Spotlight or Downlight Good?

  1. Lighting

The light of the spotlight is directional, and the direction of the spotlight can be adjusted, but it will not illuminate very far, and the light is soft, for example, it can be used to partially illuminate the TV wall, highlight the night atmosphere, and can also be used for decoration, for example At the entrance, it doesn’t look so dazzling. And now the light source of the general downlight can illuminate any place in the house space, the light is relatively soft, but the color is simple and non-directional.

  1. Application location of lights

Downlights are widely used. Today, major shopping malls will see the decoration of downlights. It can be said that the downlights are embedded in the surface layer of the wall. This decoration will not break the original appearance of the wall and keep the building As it is, and the light is wider, it can be fully illuminated. The installation position of the spotlight is on the surface of the wall, and does not need to be embedded in the wall. This is the second difference between the downlight and the spotlight.

  1. The price of lights

Spotlights and downlights belong to the same grade of lighting accessories, but the price. In contrast, spotlights are more expensive. When choosing, you may wish to choose some spotlights with better brand quality. Not only the price is reasonable, but also the price-performance ratio is reasonable. The appearance styles of downlights and spotlights are also divided into three models: large, medium and small. , You can install it according to your needs.

All in all, downlights are a kind of lights that have more condensing than ordinary surface-mounted lights, and are generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. A spotlight is a highly condensed light fixture whose light irradiation has a specific target that can be specified. It is mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or innovative place.

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