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Optimization of Lighting Products: MOQ and Price Curve Setting of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are one of the largest categories of lighting products, and most of them are wholesale orders. The first quarter and the fourth quarter are the peak seasons for LED bulbs, and September is the beginning of the peak season. It is necessary to actively upload new products, stock up and optimize product links.


(Google search trend shows the trend of LED light bulbs in recent years)

Google search trend shows soaring popularity of LED bulb related words

(Google search trend shows that the popularity of LED bulb-related words has soared)
Since it is a product line suitable for wholesale, the MOQ and price curve settings are very important, which directly affect the purchase decision of the buyer. According to the purchase situation of most buyers on the platform, we have provided some suggestions for MOQ and price curve settings for reference of lighting sellers.
1.Order and package settings
90% of the sales of LED bulbs come from orders of more than 10 pieces. The reference for the MOQ and packing volume of different models of LED bulbs is as follows:
1) G4, G9, C37, G45, GU10, MR16, bulbs and corn below 5 watts
G4, G9, C37, G45, GU10, MR16, bulbs below 5 watts, corn

Order from 10pcs or 10 / lot. Hot-selling products can be 20 / lot or 30 / lot. Generally, it is not recommended to adjust more.
2) A60, corn light above 5 watts, other slightly larger bulbs (generally the unit price is <$ 10)

5pcs order or 5 / lot order, hot-selling products can be 10 / lot, 20 / lot.
3) Oversized bulbs, smart bulbs, big corn lamps (unit price> $ 10)
Oversized bulb, smart bulb, big corn light

The minimum order is 2pcs, the new product can be 1pcs, and the minimum order can be adjusted appropriately for hot products.
2. Price curve setting

Price curve settings
It can be seen from the above figure that the second price curve setting can stimulate buyers to buy 30 more. Only if this purpose is achieved, the price curve setting can be enhanced to play the biggest role. Generally, setting a price drop of 5% -10% at a price inflection point can stimulate buyers to change their purchasing decisions and promote their single order purchases more.
LED lamp price setting suggestions: the first price segment, 6% off, after discount orders> $ 100, 30pcs; the second price segment, 15% off, after discount orders> $ 300, about 100pcs; Three price segments, 22% off, discounted customer orders> $ 1000, 300pcs; fourth price segment, 25% off, about 1000pcs; fifth price segment, 30% off, discounted customer orders> $ 5000, 2500pcs about.
Note that the above prices are just examples. Please set according to your own product conditions, and focus on setting the price inflection point.
3.Led bulb export companies
Look at the internal situation and understand the external environment. Next, we can look at the situation of LED bulb export companies and the average retail price change.

Led bulb export business
The share of LED products in the total export of lighting products has increased year by year, reflecting the continuous replacement of traditional products by LED products. However, with the continued decline in upstream chip and package prices, the prices of global end products have continued to decline. From the data point of view, the unit price of LED bulb exports in the first half of 2019 decreased year-on-year.
5In May 2019, the average retail prices of LED bulbs replacing 40W incandescent lamps and LED bulbs replacing 60W incandescent lamps were $ 5.9 and $ 7, respectively.
In the fourth quarter, the entire line of lighting and lighting products is on sale, and the next industry activity to be launched is Halloween promotion, solicit pumpkin pumpkins, holiday lights, new and strange lights to participate in the event. For relevant information, please add the Lighting Industry Group: 157974628 (Must note the Dunhuang Network ID)
1.Guide store and product optimization
-Help sellers complete store & product positioning and discover hot sales in stores;
-Provide shop and product optimization suggestions.
2. Traffic support promotion outside the station
-Intra-site traffic: enjoy free intra-site resource bits, such as homepage, industry DCP pages, big promotion display positions, etc .;
-Off-site promotion: EDM, Googleshopping, alliance and other channels to promote resources;
-Social promotion: Hot products and fun videos can provide Facebook, Instagram, Youtube promotion, and influencer cooperation promotion.
3.The platform’s high-quality content is shared irregularly
-The latest industry trends, recent hot products and trends, the latest platform rules, etc.

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