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How to Choose the Living Room Headlight?

Living room headlights are divided into flat headlights and chandeliers.

Opposite sex headlights

Once this kind of side light-emitting special-shaped light breaks down, even if there are accessories, it’s not easy to repair.

Modern light

Don’t buy this kind of one with both side lighting and general lighting. The accessories are very versatile

Crystal light

Although the accessories of this low-voltage crystal light can be bought, it is very troublesome to dismantle the whole headlight when most of the drivers are in the back for maintenance. Even now, some of them are driven by one light source or another, which are not very common due to color temperature deviation of different manufacturers.

Wire cut headlight

This kind of WEDM headlight is not easy to buy. Once the light source drive is broken, the master will have a headache.

Crystal light

This kind of crystal light is beautiful to install, but the cleaning and maintenance minutes make you suspect life, and the weight is very heavy. After this year, the pendant is rusty, and beads often fall down and hit people, which is extremely dangerous!

In a word, the living room headlight, the light arm with the light head upward, does not have the suspended ceiling of the light source!

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