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How to Choose Lights? The Designer Said So, Fortunately it Looks Early!

When decorating a house, choosing lights is an essential step. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lights on the market, with complicated styles and different functions. Many owners have taken a hard time in selecting and do not know how to choose the right light fixture. Next I will introduce to you how to choose lights!

One: What is the difference between various lights?

  1. Pendant lamp: refers to the lamp mounted on the indoor ceiling. Whether it is hanging with wires or iron supports, it cannot be hung too short, and its style often affects the style of the entire space.
  2. Ceiling lamp: The upper part of the lamp is relatively flat, and it is installed close to the roof, such as being adsorbed on the roof. The appearance is simple and generous, the light distribution is relatively uniform and relatively soft, the cost performance is high, and the daily maintenance is simple.
  3. 3. Downlight: Concealed light fixture embedded in the ceiling, easy to install, does not take up space and is durable, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. Spotlights: Spotlight scan be placed around the ceiling or on the top of the furniture. The light directly shines on the objects that need to be emphasized. It can be used as main lighting and auxiliary light source.

Two: How to choose lights?

  1. Look at the light source

There are many light sources for lights. At present, the light sources for household lights are incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving and LED. Incandescent lights have a short life and high energy consumption. Fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient, but their flicker is high, which will affect vision. Energy-saving lights are smaller, energy-saving, and have a longer life, but they are not visually Beautiful, LED lightsare small, long life, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, mainly due to the expensive price.

  1. Look at the shape

In addition to paying attention to the quality of the light source, the second is to look at the lightshade. The lightshade should be selected from materials that are not easily damaged. The material should be uniform, the light transmission should be high, and the light tube should not show light.

The first choice when choosing a chandelier is to select the chandelier according to the height of the room. Under normal circumstances, the lowest point of the installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground; in addition, it should be selected according to the decoration style of the house.

At present, the quality of spot light, the market is not guaranteed, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad with the naked eye, so it is best to choose branded products and choose high-quality transformers to match. And it is generally inappropriate to use too many spot lights indoors.

3Ծ鬆Choose the lighting according to the place

Energy-saving lights are generally selected in the bathroom. Ceiling lights or wall lights should be used in the bathroom fixtures. The living room is a place for visitors, so the light must be sufficient. Common styles of matching lights include chandeliers plus down light strips. The choice of bedroom lighting should be as soft as possible on the optical fiber. The kitchen is a place for cooking. Try not to dress it too fancy. It is best to choose a cabinet with its own lighting. In terms of energy saving, do not place too many lights.

Three: what lights to choose in the living room

The general living room suggestion can be switched between the three color temperatures. This kind of lamp is better, white light, yellow light, and neutral light. In the living room, I think it’s okay to use this.

If it is too yellow, the color reproducibility of the lamp is not good. If it is some design, or why, this color will have a large deviation, too yellow will be darker, the same wattage and white light and Neutral light is a little darker than that.

Four: What kind of lights do you choose for children’s rooms?

Led blue light component, especially for children under eight years old, the eye damage is relatively large, so it is recommended not to use led white light in children’s rooms.

It is recommended to switch to neutral light. It can effectively shield out a part of blue light, and neutral light is more suitable for installation in the second house.

Five: What should be paid attention to when choosing lights?

  1. The choice of lighting, the first size should be selected appropriately. Then the style should be more in line with the style of your overall decoration, so that it does not look too obtrusive, and as for the shape, it is my personal favorite. The most important thing is the style. The decoration style is very important
  2. Style selection in general. Simplicity, Nordic is simpler, and chandelier lightsare better suited for European and American styles.

3Ծ鬆In fact, the lamp is a finishing touch. The effect of the decoration and the style of the decoration must be reflected by the lights. Therefore, the choice of lights is not only the style, but also the light.

4Ծ鬆As a consumer, when choosing a lamp, the first one. Depending on the brand, I think that in general, mature big brands are better. The other one is to pay attention to the light source led light source, which can be seen with the eyes. Turn on a light and stare at him for about five seconds. If your eyes feel uncomfortable, then the light quality is not very good.

In the final analysis, the current lights and lanterns are different from the past in terms of practicality and functionality, and the styles are endless, making people dazzled. Before you buy lighting, it is best to understand the development trend of lighting, so as to avoid the bad luck of new lighting. From the perspective of power saving, more energy-saving light sources can be installed. The above is the relevant content on how to choose a lamp. I believe that after reading it, you should not be tangled when choosing a lamp!

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